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Visualize hidden insights

Learn and adapt constantly overtime

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Build highly scalable and interactive web Applications.

Automate and operationalized software development.

Build highly scalable and interactive Android Applications.

Our Clients

TalkHealth HMIS

A comprehensive Hospital Management System that digitizes all the clinical operations of Hospitals. Deployed and working in 5 major Hospitals.

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An online platform that connects families in local groups to give and get free used toys. Launched and operational in Bay Area USA.

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An Emerging and Reliable name in Ride Hailing Industry of Pakistan and unique business model Providing maximum earnings for its partner's with comfortable working environment and offering competitive fares to its users and exclusive rides.

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Tasali has a great impact in the market to the verification for the product's warranty and details of the products. User-friendly interface of the Tasali, it provides a secure, easy and efficient ways for the products verifications and details.

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A location based chat application that creates location based chat rooms and allows people to chat with others neat them.

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ExpenSense Pro with Sync

ExpenSense Pro is a complete solution for your financial management. It is the ultimate personal finance solution that you can carry in your pocket. It is the ultimate personal finance solution that you can carry in your pocket

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A social network for parents where they can connect with other parents anonymously and discuss their problems shamelessly, We developed the complete product from idea to Bay Area launch and user adaption in 6 months.

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AI First Design

We design products for the AI first world. We try to keep the user interaction as natural as possible. To insure this we use voice sensors and vision, computing beyond the screen, and enable apps to learn and adapt overtime.

User Behavior

Understand your app’s users. We delivers precise data about users by operating system, device, geo-location, and more. Enabling you to understand how users are interacting with your product. Providing you the insights on what is working for whom and what is not.

Business Insights

We develop products keeping your business’s KPIs in mind. Our products provide you all the insights necessary to improve your KPIs by identifying the problematic user flows and user Interfaces.

Adaptive Products

We allow you to have multiple userflows and multiple user interfaces and our products learn continuously from user interactions adapt accordingly.

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